Google Ads Management

Google Adwords, now known as Google Ads, offers excellent solutions to achieve your campaign goals such as increasing brand awareness and obtaining traffic and conversions for your website.

Why Should Google Ads Ads Be Preferred?

Google ads display your ads to potential users in text, image and video formats while searching on a search engine, browsing a website or watching a video on YouTube.

The probability of converting into a purchase action is higher in Google ads than in other internet ads. The reason is; It is the display of advertisements to users who are searching and need it.

In order for your business or brand to achieve success from a Google Ads campaign, the goal must be determined, as in every advertising campaign. Google ads, just like Facebook ads, are used for three different purposes: brand awareness, traffic and conversion. After the campaign purpose is determined, Google ad models that will reach your goal are carefully determined.

Payment methods also vary depending on advertising models. While payment per click is used for text ads, especially used in search network ads, payment is received after viewing for image and video ads. A fee is paid after each transaction in targeted conversion ads such as filling out a contact form, registering, or purchasing.

In order for your business to be successful in Google ads, keywords and ad texts must be monitored and optimized instantly and steps must be taken to increase the click rate by reducing your campaign costs.

Text Ads

Text ads are an ad format you can use to promote your products on the Google network.

Display Ads

It allows you to reach users while they are browsing different websites, watching a video or using a mobile application.

Shopping Ads

It contains images and detailed information about specific products on your site.

Video Ads

With video ad formats, these are ads that audiences can watch within the videos while watching them.

Why Google Ads Campaigns Fail?
Most PPC campaigns are not profitable. Whether it’s a lack of technical knowledge, poor quality outsourcing, or focusing on the wrong metrics, many businesses waste large portions of their budget trying to compete on AdWords.

Another factor is that you need to reconsider your product and service pricing before starting the campaign. Especially the requests that come with text advertising campaigns are generally made by people who have done price research before calling you and are knowledgeable about prices. Reviewing your prices before the campaign to finalize the sale will increase the efficiency you will get from the Google Ads campaign.

Why Should You Work With Us?
In the field of Google advertising management, thanks to our campaign experience with many companies in different sectors since 2012, we have been offering solutions for many years so that businesses can get successful results from Google ads at less cost.

During advertising campaigns; By checking, analyzing and optimizing your campaign in 12-hour periods, we ensure that you have a successful Google campaign with lower campaign costs.

By sharing all the information with you via Google Ads, you can instantly review the campaign status and forward all your questions and requests regarding the campaign to us 24/7.

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