Web Design Specialist

We are looking for passionate, highly motivated, enterprising, innovative and determined ‘creative’ visual design experts. We would love to meet talented designers who combine graphic design with many different styles, have a detail-oriented working principle, are patient and push the limits.

Working Type: Full Time

Location: Izmir Office

Required Qualifications;

  • Graduate from relevant departments of universities (Preferably Graphic Design, Visual Communication Design, etc.)
  • Able to present a portfolio of their work
  • Expertise in CSS, HTML, Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Have usability principles in interactive web applications
  • Experienced in responsive design
  • Following internet, digital developments and design trends
    prone to team work
  • Have written and verbal communication skills
  • Able to produce quick ideas, disciplined, presentable
  • Able to create fast and creative visual productions
  • Emphasizing typography and simplicity

Job description;
To provide design and visual support to our customers within our company.

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