Social Media Expert

At our digital agency, we are looking for a Social Media Specialist to take part in the social media management, content and strategy preparation process of our existing brands.

Working Type: Full Time

Location: Izmir Office

Required Qualifications;

  • At least 4 years of experience, eager to improve himself and his team,
  • Knows social media, its channels and dynamics like the back of his hand and can produce real-time content,
  • Following global trends, brands and industry,
  • Be able to actively participate in editorial and creative processes,
  • Knowledgeable about media statistics and interfaces,
  • Analyzes reporting and presentations thoroughly,
  • Knows what content management & plans, monitoring and moderation mean,
  • Assertive about interaction with the social media content it produces,
    High personal communication and collective working skills, cheerful and harmonious

Job description;
Managing the social media accounts of the brands that provide social media services and creating a strategic plan.

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